First principle:

To remove food with good index index list (carrot, potatoes, beets...), which cause an insulin secretion from your pancreas stimulating the expansion associated with body fat cells.

This type of diet programs provides regarding effect to reduce your insulin-resistance which in turn with a higher degree of insulin-resistance could cause the actual diabetes involving type 2.

When body fat cells can not contain a lot more fat, the quantity of these cells nevertheless will increase. I told NEVERTHELESS simply because in the wedding you slim down later on you'll maintain the new fat cells that have been created. Your merely approach to remove a part of these excessive involving fat cells is by liposuction.

Second principle:

Not to associate lipids and glucids or animal proteins and also starchy food, regarding example, the actual steak along with French fries, as well as your French fries alone which in turn combine glucids and lipids. The Actual glucids are consumed only 2 or three times per week. About another hand, the particular proteins and the lipids tend to be consumed at will since they are consumed only. the fruits are authorized apart in the meals as well as the cereals should be consumed rough (not refined, to cut back the glycemic index).

Montignac menu type:


- Fruit

- Wholewheat bread along with lighten margarine

- Decaffeinated coffee

- Skimmed milk

This type of diet privilege the merchandise that are much less pure. White ground as an example simply because dozens of nutrition meals get all the actual time an higher glycemic index.

The coffee features regarding impact for you to cause a new secretion involving insulin.

Regular milk contains animal body fat which may be very poor for your cholesterol and triglycerides.


- Avocado together with vinaigrette

- Steak together with French beans

- Cheese

- non fuel Water

You want every one associated with the time along with power to favor the good greens with lean meat as well as fish. Veggies using quite high level of index possess being prohibited: potato, carrot, corn, beetroot ...


- Uncooked vegetable or perhaps soup (without starchy foods)

- Mushroom omelet

- green Salad

- Cheese with 0% fat content

A soup with out starchy food, as you merely may consume this kind of meals for the breakfast.

Again the same remark, the foodstuff with good level of animal excess fat provides to become avoid.

The diner can end up being as well lighter compared to lunch.


This diet program is quite effective. Moreover, it can not support, just like many diets, the particular "yo-yo" impact (a quick recovery involving excess weight following the come back again to the typical food). Lastly, this mode will be practicable everywhere as well as discreetly: with pals as at the restaurant! An perfect approach for the companies women!


The suggested food is sometimes too rich inside lipids. In your lengthy term, this diet can affect the cardiovascular vascular system. The idea can be too lower (poor) in glucids, which in turn may support the loss associated with muscle mass and tiredness.

My own opinion in regards to the Montignac diet:

In our nutrition we want a great relation between the carbohydrates (glucids), lipids (fat) and furthermore the proteins. Within our existence today we eat a lot of carbohydrates and also body fat rather than adequate proteins.

The Montignac diet plan has with regard to impact to be able to privilege the great body fat (fat coming from vegetable source). Your bad excess fat comes using an animal supply nevertheless the meat will end up being the greatest supply of protein. This really is why the lean meat has in order to be privileged as well as the particular fish a couple of occasions a week is on an everyday basis welcome. Because well the identical remark about the dairy products, as a result skimmed milk, light cheese using a reasonable consumption.

If anyone follow inside a good way the Montignac diet as I did, you'll get yourself a much better cholesterol: the lower LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol) level, a greater HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol) level along with a lower triglycerides level.

My own opinion about the relation between the carbohydrates which diet:

Carbohydrate can be a way to obtain energy. A New nutrition using an excessive amount of carbohydrates has pertaining to consequence that will a component will most likely be stored as fat.Food also refined like the white flour, sugar... has an index glycemic higher compared to whole-wheat flour and also honey. This kind of 1 provides for impact the sugar is integrated quicker in the blood plus more excess fat is likely to be stored. For That Reason all the food items too refined should be steer clear of as well as the great starchy meals have got to be consumed with moderation.

In stage 1, just a peace associated with whole-wheat bread can be consumed for that breakfast.